We pride ourselves in providing high quality services as we strive to deliver excellence services to enhance the health and wellbeing of the people we work with.

Our Services

Appleford Homes will be providing personalized support services to vulnerable individuals, which will enable them to live independent lives.

We Understand

We recognize the diversity, values and human rights of people who use our services.


We provide services in a fair, transparent and consistent way.


We uphold and maintain the privacy, dignity and independence of the people who use our services.

Client Focused

We put our service users at the center of our care, treatment and support programs, by helping them to make informed  choices by themselves.


We provide information for the people who use our services and others acting on their behalf, to make decisions about their care, treatment and support.

Promote Independence

We  encourage individuals who use our services, to care for themselves, where this is possible.

Community Focused

We encourage, empower and enable those who use our services, to become active part of their communities.  And be involved in how the services are operated.

Who we assist

The core purpose is to support individuals aged 18  and above  to live as independently as possible, in their own home and within the community.

We  provide regulated, personalised care for; 


  • Adults with learning disabilities
  • Adults with physical disabilities
  • Adults living with Dementia

Domiciliary Care

These services will provide personal care for people living in their own homes.

The individuals that might need these services may vary greatly, but the care plan is designed to meet each individual circumstances. Some people are provided with support, over a full 24 hour period and in some cases, the person may live independently and support will be provided by a visit at specified times of the day.

Quality Assurance

We are committed to providing high quality services to people, by providing a caring, competent, and well-trained staff.

We constantly undertake internal quality reviews of our services, to assess the quality and standard of the services that we provide and to promote a culture for continuous quality improvement across all our services.

Complaints and Procedures

APPLEFORD HOMES has a detailed and comprehensive complaint procedure.

We take pride in empowering our services users, their families, friends, advocate and general public in giving feedback about the services we provide.

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